Rescore credit solutions is based in Alabama and has a decent track record of successfully helping consumers with credit problems. They use a results-based payment model, which is better for consumers because it means you only pay when negative information is actually removed from your credit report, which is in stark contrast to advanced-fee based credit repair services that customers have to pay ahead of seeing any results.


ReScore Solutions has a clear pricing model that is based on the results they get for the consumer. They offer different prices for individuals and couples, which can allow many families and couples to save money. ReScore Solutions also says exactly what your fee will be for each type of information they get deleted, which allows a customer who is aware of the information on their credit report to determine what the maximum price of using ReScore Solutions will be. This sort of predictability isn’t common in the Credit Repair industries, and speaks will to ReScore Solution’s focus on achieving results for its customers.

ReScore Solutions also has a blog that has a great deal of information involving the credit reporting and credit repair processes. This consumer information isn’t too common in the credit repair industry and is something many consumers will find helpful. Moreover, ReScore Solutions also offers a free credit report evaluation, which can be beneficial for customers that are having problems understanding the information on their credit reports.


While ReScore Solutions does list their prices, they do so in a somewhat deceptive way. For example, getting a late payment removed from a report is said to cost $25, but that is the price per report, so removing that information from the 3 major credit reporting agencies will cost a consumer $75. ReScore Solution does point this out, but the information is formatted in such a way where that fact is not next to the price list they give. They also have a number of advertisements encouraging consumers to use their services in lieu of bankruptcy protection. While their services may be preferable to bankruptcy in some instances, the setup of these claims can be deceptive for certain customers.


ReScore Solutions seems to be a good place to go for credit repair services. They have an advantageous pricing model and a track record of successfully helping people repair their credit, as well as a host of useful consumer information on their site.