Rural Dynamics is a credit repair firm based in Montana. They focus on providing education and budgeting assistance to help consumers get back on track with their payments. This is a great way for consumers to establish a good history of on time payments that will raise their credit score in a sustainable and predictable way.


We like that Rural Dynamics focuses on the long term credit health of their customers, instead of providing a short term fix only by challenging items on consumer’s credit reports. This sets up consumers to have a lifetime of solid credit instead of engaging in a credit score roller coaster that has them constantly shooting up and down in their credit ranking. The more sustainable solution results in less stress and generally saves consumers a good deal of money because they don’t have to constantly go back to credit repair firms for services.

Rural Dynamics also impressed us in that they help consumers find products that will help them establish good credit histories. They don’t appear to have any affiliate deals, which gives us high confidence that the products they’re recommending will actually be the best ones for you in your particular situation. When combined with the other approaches they take and the fact that they set timelines so consumers can measure their progress against their goals and expected results, it speaks well of Rural Dynamic’s ability to help consumers get a solid credit score.


We wish that Rural Dynamics did more for the consumer, like filing the disputes and following up with the creditors and credit reporting agencies. They provide all the information the consumer needs to do this, but they don’t take any action on behalf of the client themselves. This means the burden is still one you to write letters and meet the timeline you’ve established with your credit counselor.


Rural Dynamics are a good option for those who want to get on a budget and better manage their overall financial picture, but doesn’t provide many of the full service options we expect from credit repair firms.