Safe Credit Solutions is a credit repair company operating in Mineola, NY. They have been in business since 2007, and offer a range of different services to help customers repair credit scores damaged by late or missing payments, charge offs, bankruptcy, tax liens, and more.


Safe Credit Solutions provides a number of educational services to help customers navigate the complicated world of credit, credit reporting, and credit repair. These include helping customers find debt consolidation options, advice and education about productive uses of credit, debt repayment plans, and last-resort bankruptcy. Additionally, Safe Credit Solutions also offers a program for customers who are being harassed by debt collectors in order to help stop calls and letters and help consumers get their finances back on track without the stress of collections efforts.


There are a number of problems with Safe Credit Solutions. The company has an F rating with the BBB for failure to respond to allegations they sent customers fake improved credit scores while their scores actually hadn’t changed at all. This is a serious complaint and is a huge red flag for Safe Credit Solutions. Consumers should always demand official proof, not a score typed out in an email. Ideally, consumers should have access to an independent score reporting program to help them evaluate the effectiveness of the service that they are paying for.

Another issue with Safe Credit Solutions is the complete lack of information on their site. We can’t tell if they use pay-per-deletion or monthly fee models, and we don’t know what their prices are. Additionally, the description of Safe Credit Solutions’ services is minimal at best. This prevents us from evaluating the likelihood of success for their strategies, and prevents consumers from understanding what they should prepare in order to help make the credit repair efforts as successful as possible.

Safe Credit Solutions also does not offer any consumer education information. Our research indicates that companies that offer free information for consumers frequently rank higher in results, customer satisfaction, and customer service. The lack of this information doesn’t mean that Safe Credit Solutions is a bad company, but it does raise some issues and cost them a few points in our review process.


Consumers should stay away from Safe Credit Solutions. If the company cannot be bothered to respond to allegations of fraudulently reporting a customer’s credit store they aren’t worth your trust or money.