Scott’s Credit Repair is an advanced fee credit repair service operating out of Montgomery, Alabama. They have a tired package system that has three levels, Gold, Diamond, and Platinum, costing $600/year, and the distinction between them seems to be the length of commitment, with Gold being one year, Diamond two years, and Platinum three years.


There are a number of positive reviews of Scott’s Credit Repair on their website. Customers discussed Scott’s Credit Repair’s ability to get negative comments removed from their credit reports, improving their credit score. Other customers said that they were pleased with the customer service offered by Scott’s Credit Repair, as well as extolling the speed that Scott’s performed their services. They have one positive review with the BBB, which is a rare thing in this industry, and have been in business for more than five years.


There are a number of issues with Scott’s Credit Repair. Despite their positive review, they still have an F rating from the BBB, and are not BBB accredited. Moreover, there is no information about the differences between the program levels they offer. Instead users are presented with a spreadsheet where everything is checked off for each program. They have pricing for the programs listed, but there is no information about what your money goes to. Also their good reviews are found almost entirely on their website, and they are mentioned on a number of “beware this business” type websites, which makes us doubt the validity of the reviews on Scott’s Credit Repair site. Moreover, because there is no information on the methods they use to fix credit, we cannot verify that they abide by all federal, state, and local laws regarding credit repair.

Moreover, we generally recommend against advanced fee credit repair services, when there are so many credit services that let you pay for results, rather than paying up front. There’s also a lack of discussion on the site of the terms of their agreements, so it isn’t clear if there’s a cancelation fee or if customers will be able to get refunds if they aren’t satisfied with the company’s services.


We recommend that you look elsewhere for credit repair services. Scott’s Credit Repair doesn’t have the information on their site that would indicate they are in business for consumers. This raises a number of red flags, and, when combined with the negative BBB rating and other reviews, cash Scott’s Credit Repair into doubt.