Shamrock Credit Repair Professionals is a credit repair service based in Simi Valley, CA. They opened in 2005 and offer a number of different credit repair services to help customers remove negative information from their credit report, including late payments, defaults, tax liens, or identity theft.


Shamrock has a good amount of information on their site to help consumers understand the credit repair process that they will go through with Shamrock Credit Repair Professionals. One of the best things about Shamrock is that they don’t just focus on removing bad information on your report, but also work on providing consumer education so that consumers can make wise decisions regarding their credit, helping consumers build and grow their credit after they are done using Shamrock’s service.

Shamrock also provides advice on how to properly structure finances so consumers can get the greatest value for their money. This includes going over things like student loans and working on consolidation options to reduce monthly payments and get loans paid off faster.


The biggest issue we have with Shamrock Credit Repair Professionals has to do with pricing transparency. There isn’t any information on their website regarding pricing, which means we can’t recommend them, as we can’t make a fair value-for-money comparison. Moreover, we don’t have the ability to evaluate their pricing model, so we can’t comment on whether Shamrock uses a pay for deletion or uses an ongoing monthly fee advance payment system. This can dramatically change how much a customer will be paying for credit repair services, and may create an additional financial burden for some consumers.

Shamrock does offer a free consultation but we aren’t fans of this particular offer, as the free consultation almost always turns into a sales meeting, as agencies know that people are more likely to agree to a contract or offer if they are already in the room with the person making the offer and have already received advice from them. Consumers should be prepared to say no if offered a contract that doesn’t work for their needs. Moreover, consumers should be aware that many credit repair services offer free consultations, so they should feel free to shop around and pick the agency that offers them the best advice and value.


Shamrock Credit Repair Professionals are an average choice for credit repair services. They have a solid program and outlook, but are held back by the lack of pricing transparency.