Silicon Valley Credit Repair is a credit repair service operating in Gilroy, CA. They offer a number of different credit repair services, but focus on challenging negative items in consumer’s credit report to boost their score. They will work on late or missed payments, tax liens, charge offs, and other information that may be the result of identity theft.


One of the best things about Silicon Valley Credit Repair is that they offer a personalized strategy for each consumer. Each strategy has a course of action that can be followed in order to boost credit scores. Their courses of action include targeting items for disputes, and coming up with a broad strategy to back the various dispute claims they think are best to make.

Silicon Valley Credit Repair also provides a thorough review of consumer credit reports. They will explain what the items on a consumer’s credit report are, how they affect the consumer’s overall credit score, and what sorts of steps consumers can take to generate more positive items on their credit report.

Finally, the terms for their refund program are clearly defined, which should give consumers confidence that Silicon Valley Credit Repair will get results for them. Many companies either don’t offer a guarantee or they don’t clearly explain the terms that qualify the guarantee.


Silicon Valley does suffer from some issues though. The refund process they offer can take up to a year, which can be far too long for consumers who need their money back after not receiving any benefits from Silicon Valley Credit Repair’s services. This is especially true in the context of the credit repair industry, as customers are more likely to need cash on hand to make purchases, especially if Silicon Valley wasn’t able to help them. There is also a mix of feedback from customers relating to Silicon Valley’s services. While we expect some negative reviews from customers who weren’t able to adjust their credit report, there seemed to be more than we would expect for Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley also loses points for providing only the barest minimum of information for consumers on their website. Consumer information is strongly correlated with higher consumer satisfaction and customer service results based on our research, so this isn’t ideal for Silicon Valley.


Silicon Valley is in the middle of the pack when it comes to credit repair services. They offer some hope for certain customers, but they may not be for everyone.