Sky Blue Credit Repair is a credit repair company that is based in Boca Raton, FL. They have been in business since 1989, making them one of the oldest credit repair companies that we reviewed. They offer a number of services to help customers remove negative or inaccurate information from their credit reports, including disputes, goodwill letters, and validation requests.


One of the best things about Sky Blue Credit Repair is that they use a wide variety of tactics to help consumers remove negative information from their credit report. Some companies only focus on disputing items on a credit report, but Sky Blue Credit Repair also uses goodwill letters and validation requests. Goodwill letters are letters to a creditor that ask them to remove negative information that they’ve submitted to the credit reporting agencies on the basis of being a good customer since then. Sometimes signing up for automatic payments and maintain a good payment record can help with this process, and it may be the only way to get an item removed if it is there legitimately.

Sky Blue Credit Repair also offers a few different methods for stopping collections calls, and helps to educate consumers regarding their rights when it comes to credit, credit reporting, and collections laws.


Sky Blue Credit uses a monthly pricing system. We don’t like this as much as we prefer the pay-per-deletion pricing system many other credit repair firms utilize. This is because most of the credit repair process is out of the hands of the consumer and credit repair company while they wait for the credit reporting agency to respond to disputes or validation requests. As these disputes can sometimes take months to resolve, the customer may find themselves paying for a service that isn’t performing any tasks for them, reducing the value for money of that service.

Sky Blue Credit also has startup costs, and they are a bit higher than most of the other companies that we’ve looked at. Many companies have moved away from the startup fee practice, so having a higher startup fee looks bad for Sky Blue Credit. Also, some of their more desirable package options are add-ons, which can raise the total price consumers will be spending on Sky Blue Credit Repair.


Sky Blue Credit Repair is a good choice for credit repair services for most customers. They offer a good service, and many customers can make up the value they lose from the high startup costs.