Soko Credit Repair is a company that represents itself as a “quick” credit repair solution. This emphasis leads one to believe that they are designed to help people on the brink of a large purchase and have found out that they need to perform some credit repair before their loans can be approved. In that vein, they are pitching to people with less chronic credit problems, or folks with a  short term goal of getting rid of one or two items on their credit report.  They claim to provide a 100% money back guarantee and speed of removal is definitely their claim to fame.

Removal of Inaccurate Information

Soko Credit Repair seems to bank on the real statistics that criticize the quality of data entry and degree of error associated with people’s credit reports. Some reports claim that over 27% of credit reports content is inaccurate.  They argue that confirming the items on your report by calling out the credit bureau’s records, they will at minimum be able to remove items that are just falsely attributed to you. If you would like to confirm for yourself that the credit reports attributed to you are accurate, you can certainly do so yourself at least cursorily.

Limits of This Service

Obtaining all three agencies reports is the first step for any credit repair consultation, so it may behoove customers to acquire their reports themselves and do a personal review before creating a list of questions to ask the credit repair services you consult. Often reports will double account for a debt, or attribute a bad debt to you that is not yours. If your credit problems are deep you might want to seek a different credit repair provider. Although this service is nice for folks who already have plenty of money and probably are being falsely represented as having a credit problem, the chance that they can locate and question the items on your report that have a legitimate basis seem slim.