Speedy Credit Repair is a credit repair firm that operates out of Huntington Beach, CA. They offer a mix of pay-per-deletion and monthly fee pricing structures, and provide a three step process to help consumers improve their credit by removing negative and inaccurate items from their credit reports.


Speedy Credit Repair has a very clear process for what they will do to help consumers adjust their credit rating. The process includes a review and explanation of the consumer’s credit report, a strategy development session to determine what items to challenge and the best way to dispute them, and a review and regroup stage where the outcome of the disputes is evaluated and a path forward can be determined.

Speedy Credit Repair also has some good information on their FAQ page related not only to general credit repair, but also about their services. Their FAQ section answers questions related to things like the timeframe consumers can expect to see results from their service, which is a rare thing in the credit repair industry.


We do take some issues with Speedy Credit Repair. Their pricing system is a combination of monthly fees and pay per deletion. Customers will pay $133/month and $25 per deletion. While this is lower than some other companies, the combination of monthly fees and line item charges makes them a bit more expensive than average. What’s more, enrolling in their services requires that you also sign up for a credit monitoring program that charges $29.95 per month, though Speedy Credit says they can get you a deal for $14.95 per month if you get it through them. This amounts to an additional $15 per month that you have to spend to use Speedy Credit Repair’s services, and has the same outcome as a hidden fee.

Another issue we had was that, while they offer some consumer information in their FAQ section, there is no overall effort to provide consumer education on their website. Our research indicates that companies that provide resources for consumer education frequently see better results and have a better customer service experience than companies that don’t provide consumer education information.


Speedy Credit Repair is in the middle of the pack when it comes to credit repair services that we reviewed. Their fee and pricing structure, and requirement that customers use a third party credit monitoring program that they likely have an affiliate deal for make them mediocre at best.