Superior Credit Repair was opened in 2009 and operates out of Birmingham, Alabama. They claim to offer a number of different credit repair services to help consumers improve credit that may have been ruined by late payments, bankruptcy, identity theft, tax liens, and more.


Superior Credit Repair can work with all three major credit reporting agencies to help remove negative information from your credit reports. They claim that they might cost a bit more than other services, but that the extra cost means that consumers will get better results faster than working with their competition. Superior Credit Repair has an A+ rating with the BBB, and there are minimal complaints registered with that organization against them. They have a blog that offers some basic information on credit repair, which consumers may find useful if they are looking for information about how the process works or what they can do to assist it.


Superior Credit Repair has a few issues they need to work on. The first and biggest issue has to do with transparency. There is no description of their pricing, fees, or methods on their website. This means we can’t evaluate them in terms of value-for-money. The only indication is a claim that they are worth the greater amount of money they charge when compared to their competition. There is no online application or sign-up process, and so customers are forced to call to get information. Moreover, the fact that they don’t have a description of their methods or services means we can’t verify that they operate within federal, state, and local laws governing credit repair agencies. The website also does not list any timeframes or expectations, and their money-back guarantee doesn’t describe any terms or conditions relating to it.

In addition to transparency issues, Superior Credit Repair is also subject to complaints on numerous independent websites. The number of complaints is greater than we would expect for a firm of this size, and are unlikely to be generated by their competition in an effort to steal clients from the business.


Consumers should probably look elsewhere for their credit repair needs. Our reviews indicate that the best credit repair services offer transparent information on their website regarding pricing, services, methods, and terms, none of which Superior Credit Repair does. Consumers are advised to look for a credit repair service that will describe what they will do before signing up.