Tactical Credit Repair is based in Omaha, Nebraska. They focus on working with each client to develop an action plan to get their credit score up. This action plan is tailored to each individual client, and works to remove negative or harmful information from customer’s credit reports to give their FICO score an immediate boost.


The fact that Tactical Credit Repair offers customized action plans is a good thing for them. It helps them stand apart from the companies that only use the same form letter and handle each case as if it were the same as every other case. Our research shows that those companies don’t have as good of a success rate as the ones that use customized plans suited to specific individuals.


The company isn’t perfect. The first issue we have is their website is in serious need of an update. Information is hard to find, the font is difficult to read, and the layout doesn’t make sense. While this doesn’t mean that their services are bad, our research found that companies with better websites frequently score better marks on consumer surveys and evaluations. Moreover, the quality of the website speaks strongly to the professionalism of the company it represents.

They also have some other issues, including the fact that they fail to provide price information for their service, or descriptions of different service levels. This is frustrating in the world of credit repair because it makes it harder for the people looking for these services to establish and stick to a budget, while at the same time opening them up to exploitative marketing tactics.


Tactical Credit Repair are an OK option for credit repair services. They customize individual plans, and that’s good, but they don’t have any information about the types of strategies and tactics they’ll use in different situations for us to evaluate their effectiveness. This, combined with their lack of pricing information, keeps them out of our list of elite credit repair companies.