Arkansas is one of the nation’s most beautiful states. It lies directly on the border of Texas and boasts some of the best hiking in the country. If you’re a resident of this wonderful state, and you have poor credit history that is preventing your from attaining a mortgage or any other type finance, consider contacting a credit repair company to help get your score back on track. Credit repair companies can actually remove certain items from your credit report and in turn raise your current credit score. It’s a great to get unwanted credit history off your report. Here are some of the best credit repair companies servicing Arkansas.

Credit Counselling of Arkansas

Credit Counselling of Arkansas is one of the highest regarded credit repair companies in the nation, and it happens to be located in Arkansas. They have a great track record for helping clients improve their credit for the past 20 years. Definitely head to their website if you’re an Arkansas resident looking for help improving your credit score. They also cater to Spanish speaking clients if this is applicable to you!


CreditNerds is a credit repair company located in the East of Arkansas in Paragould. They also have a great reputation with local clients. You can set up an appointment through their online website. They also have a list of testimonials and examples that will give you a better idea of if they’re a suitable repair company for your situation.

Lexington Law

Lexington Law is a law firm located in Utah that works with Arkansas based individuals who want to improve their credit. They use legal means to eliminate unwanted items from your credit history. They’re a great option for those who want the expertise of a law firm when dealing with credit problems.


Arkansas residents have a great mix of local and national providers that can help improve their credit scores. Head to their websites to see examples of how they can help remove items from your credit history!