Colorado is one of the nation’s most scenic states – it attracts visitors from all over the world every year. If you’re one of the lucky residents of this beautiful state, you may find it hard to attain financing if your credit report has negative items on it. Credit repair services can actually help you remove these unwanted items through legal means. This can drastically increase your chances of attaining finance, as well as reduce the interest rates that banks will offer you. We’ve compiled a list of some of Colorado’s most reputable credit repair companies.

Northern Colorado Credit Repair

Northern Colorado Credit Repair is one of the state’s most reputable credit repair services. They offer prospective clients a free consultation to see if their credit problems are amendable through their credit repair services. They are able to alleviate a range of different credit problems from your credit history. They are certified through the Credit Consultants Association.

Dan Beck Credit Repair

Dan Beck Credit Repair is yet another Colorado based credit repair company that works with local clients. They are located in Greeley, Colorado. They can help you with a range of different credit problems resulting from low scores, identity theft, and divorce. They offer free consultations and have a wealth of advice on their website that can help you better understand credit repair.

Continental Credit

Continental Credit is a credit repair company located in Westminster, Colorado. They have an easy to understand process that starts with calling them and providing them with your credit history details. They then analyze your credit report items and come up with a comprehensive plan to help remove certain items and improve your score. They’re a great local company that use a hands on approach to credit repair.


Colorado has a great selection of local credit repair companies that service individuals in the area. They all provide free consultations so contact them to see which is best for your particular situation.