Delaware might be the smallest state in the United States, but there are plenty of hard working residents that make it a prosperous business region. If you’re a resident in the area and you feel unwanted items on your credit history are preventing you from getting the finance you need to improve your life, consider contacting a credit repair company to help you improve you credit rating. They can remove items from your credit history which can in turn have an instant impact on your credit score. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most reputable credit repair services in the state of Delaware – have a look and see which is best suited to you!


Clarifi is a company that services most Northeast states, including Delaware. They work with clients to improve their credit history through a range of different methods. They also have experience removing certain items from your credit history, they ensure that someone else’s mistake doesn’t impact your credit score. They’re a great partner for those who want someone to help them improve every aspect of their credit going forward. They pride themselves on helping people improve their financial literacy.

National Credit Fixers

National Credit Fixers are located in Connecticut but also have experience working with clients in Delaware. They use legal means to help remove unwanted items from your history. They have vast experience working with the court system in Delaware if you think that something may be illegally placed on your credit report.

Cynthia Carroll Law Firm

Cynthia Carroll Law Firm is a law firm in Delaware that helps people improve their credit after major incidences such as bankruptcy. If you have recently declared bankruptcy, Cynthia Carroll law firm can help you improve your credit in just 12 to 24 months – it can normally take up to 7 years!


Despite Delaware’s small size, they have plenty of great credit repair services located in the area. Clarifi and National Credit Fixers are great for those wanting to remove unwanted items from their reports. Cynthia Carroll Law Firm is best for those who have major credit blemishes on their records.