Florida is one of the nation’s largest states – it’s full of large cities and beautiful coastal regions. If you’re one of the lucky residents in the state you may find you have unwanted items on your credit history which are preventing you from applying for certain loans or credit cards. Credit repair companies are the perfect solution to any current credit problems. They can help you remove unwanted items from you credit history by using various legal and financial techniques. Millions of Americans have used them to improve their credit score. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of some of the best credit repair companies in the state of Florida.

Orlando Credit Repair

Orlando Credit Repair is an Orlando, Florida based credit repair service that helps clients repair their scores with all three major reporting bodies. They have a 45-day money back guarantee that ensures you aren’t at risk of paying for a lack of results. They love working face-to-face with local clients so if you’re based in Orlando contact them to arrange an appointment.

Florida Credit Repair

Florida Credit Repair is a Fort Lauderdale, Florida based credit repair company that has experience working with local authorities to improve your credit. They offer three different packages that are sure to cater to your specific budget. This is another great partner for those who want a local company to meet face-to-face with.

Credit CRM

Credit CRM are another Florida based credit repair company. They specialize in using Florida legislation to help remove parts of your credit history from your report. They have a comprehensive guide of the local Floridian laws the use to remove unwanted items from your credit history.


Florida is lucky to have so many different options for credit repair services. Credit CRM has the most legal expertise out of the companies mentioned in this list. But Florida Credit Repair and Orlando Credit Repair are great local partners with money back guarantees!