Georgia is the pride of the South – a beautiful state with great cities and universities that have given the region a worldwide reputation. If you’re a resident in the region and you find it hard to attain finance because of blemishes on your credit history, you should consider contacting a credit repair company to help you improve the current state of your credit. They can get unwanted items legally removed from your credit report – this can help you attain finance at much lower rates than currently possible. Here are some of the best credit repair companies in the state of Georgia.

Point Boosters

Point Boosters is a Georgia based credit repair company that helps their clients improve their credit scores over long periods of time. They are a Veteran owned company with a great reputation in the industry – they offer a 100% money back guarantee. They submit challenges to items on your credit history on your behalf – they’re a great partner for Georgia residents.

Credit Docs

Credit Docs is another Georgia based credit repair company servicing individuals across the state. You can submit your information online for a specialist to review your information and get in contact with you regarding the help they can provide you. They’re perfect for those who want a local partner in Atlanta, Georgia.

Credit Repair Lawyers of America

Credit Repair Lawyers of America is an Atlanta based law firm that use legal means to remove certain items from your credit history. They’re the perfect partner for those who want secure legal advice regarding your credit report. They also sue credit agencies on your behalf if you feel you have been unfairly acted against in regards to a specific credit issue.


Georgia has plenty of great credit repair agencies that help local individuals with their credit problems. Depending on the type of credit problem you have, one of these providers will be able to help you alleviate it. If you’ve been financially damaged due to unjust credit issues, contact Credit Repair Lawyers of America as soon as possible!