Hawaii is one of the nation’s most popular holiday destinations. But it also has a diverse group of residents that live on the islands year-round. If you’re one of these residents and you find that you have problems attaining finance due to previous credit report blemishes, you should contact a credit repair company to help you improve your credit situation. They can remove certain items on your credit report which can help you improve your credit rating and reduce the interest rates you’re offered. Here is a list of some of Hawaii’s best credit repair companies!

David F. Simons Law Firm

David F. Simons Law Firm is a credit repair law firm with a track record of helping protect consumers against poor credit. They use substantial legal means to help their client base rid themselves of poor credit history. If you’re looking for a strong legal team to help assist your credit repair, this is a great option!

Law Office of Chris Bouslog

Chris Bouslog is a personal injury lawyer that also has experience helping individuals help improve their credit. Like the first law firm mentioned in this article, Chris Bouslog is able to use local legislation to remove aspects of an individual’s credit history. They’re another great option for those wanting the security of a lawyer in their credit repair partner.

Credit Repair RX

Credit Repair RX is a Hawaii based credit repair company that doesn’t take a penny from you until results are shown. They have a 100% guarantee with their clients, and are considered one of the fastest repair companies in the nation. They’re a great choice for those wanting an experienced credit repairer with great customer reviews.


Hawaii may be far away from mainland USA but this doesn’t mean they don’t have great credit repair options. Credit Repair RX is great for someone who wants a fast acting credit repair company with local experience. The law firms mentioned in this article are the best option for those wanting secure legal advice on their credit situation.