Are you a resident of Idaho that has previous blemishes on your credit report that just won’t go away? If so, credit repair agencies can help improve your life by removing some of the negative items on your credit report. Credit report companies are a mix of agencies and law firms that work to help remove unwanted items and improve your credit score. If you’re thinking of applying for finance in the near term this is a great way to help reduce the interest rates banks may offer you. Here are some of the most popular credit repair companies in Idaho.

Idaho Advanced Credit Solutions

Idaho Advanced Credit Solutions are a great credit repair company located locally in Idaho. They can help you remove pesky items from your credit history for a relatively small fee. They also help people who have suffered identity theft improve their credit. They’ve got a great blog on their website with interesting articles about the credit repair process – make sure to check it out!

National Credit Fixers

National Credit Fixers is a national credit repair company with a large client base in Idaho. They work with a range of different clients to remove different items from their credit histories including foreclosures, collections, and bankruptcies. They have an online login portal for their clients which allows you to track the progress of your credit repair.

Soko Credit Repair

Soko Credit Repair is one of the largest credit repair companies in the nation. They have years of experience helping clients in Idaho improve their credit. They’re the perfect option for someone looking for a reputable company with a large client base across the nation. You won’t be able to meet with them face-to-face but you can get all the information you need via their website.


Individuals in Idaho have a choice between a range of reputable local and national providers. Those looking for a provider with local knowledge should opt to partner with Idaho Advanced Credit Solutions.