Are you an Indiana resident that struggles to move forward financially due to previous problems with your credit report? Don’t let blemishes on your record prevent you from attaining finance at affordable rates. Credit repair companies can help you improve your credit history by removing certain items from your credit report. They do this by using local legislation and finding improper credit reporting methods from your creditors. Millions of American use credit repair companies to help them improve their current financial standing. Here are some of the best regarded credit repair services in Indiana.

InCreditable Advisors

InCreditable Advisors is an Indiana based credit repair company that has an awesome reputation within the industry. They are particularly experienced at helping clients with student debt problems. They also offer services to businesses if you’re looking for a company to improve your firm’s current credit standing.

Indy Mortgage

Indy Mortgage is another Indiana based credit repair company that can help you improve your credit score. They claim most of their clients receive an 80 to 100 point boost on their credit rating. If you have a particularly low score, they guarantee they can get you to 640 within 4 to 6 months or you will receive a full refund. They’re a great partner if your credit is currently extremely low.

Lynch and Belch PC

Lynch and Belch PC is an attorney’s office that specializes in helping people rebuild after major financial catastrophe, such as bankruptcy. They work with other credit repair agencies to get you full-house solutions after you declare bankruptcy. They’ve got an online chat portal if you’d like to talk to a customer service representative about what they can do for you.


InCreditable Advisors is one of the largest local firms in the area – they’re great regardless of your needs. Indy Mortgage is perfect for someone with an extremely low credit score. While Lynch and Belch PC is the perfect option for someone who has just declared bankruptcy and is looking to rebuild their credit swiftly.