Right now, there are thousands of Michigan residents who have blemishes on their credit reports that are completely unnecessary. Have you been struggling to overcome past issues with your credit report? Credit repair agencies can help locate issues on your report and eliminate them completely legally. They’re a great option for people who want to improve their credit score quickly – stop waiting for it to remove itself, it can take years! Here are some of the various credit repair agencies currently working with companies in Michigan.

Onyx Credit Geeks

Onyx Credit Geeks is one of the oldest credit repair companies in Michigan. They claim to have an 80% deletion rate for clients. They’re accredited with the Better Business Bureau and offer clients ongoing credit repair for $79 a month. They also have an online login portal for clients to check the progress of their credit repair. You can book an appointment through their website!

Garranteed Solutions

Garranteed Solutions may have a funny name but their business is no joke! They like to work with local clients in the Michigan region who need to quickly improve their credit history prior to applying for finance. If you’re thinking of applying for a mortgage, this is a great partner to have!

Princeton Law Firm

Princeton Law Firm is a law firm with a large client base in Detroit, Michigan. They’ve been helping local clients find law centered solutions to credit problems for years. They have a list of testimonials on their site, as well as upfront descriptions about their costs and associated results. This a great option for someone who wants the legal aspects of credit repair explained to them by experts.


Michigan has plenty of great credit repair companies. Onyx Credit Geeks is one of the oldest credit repair companies in the industry – they have wealth of experience helping clients just like you. Princeton Law Firm is perfect for those who want the assurances associated with a top-notch law firm!