Are you a resident of Minnesota that is constantly stressed about past issues with your credit report? What you may not know is that credit repair industries can remove a lot of items on your credit report completely legally. Many Americans have turned to credit repair companies in an effort to improve their credit history. Credit repair companies have experience removing all types of items from individual credit reports. We’ve researched and compiled a list of some of Minnesota’s most popular credit repair agencies – check it out!

Bridge Credit Repair

Bridge Credit Repair is a local Minnesota based credit repair company that has vast experience helping clients in the region. They believe a good credit score is vital to getting the most out of life. They have great videos on their website that describe the methods they use to get your credit back on track. You can contact them directly on their page!

CPR Credit Services

CPR Credit Services is another Minnesota based credit repair company with a wealth of experience helping local clients. They use a four-step process to improve your credit: validate, investigate, negotiate, and construct. You can find out more about their unique methods directly on their site. You can also set up a free consultation.

Credit Services

Credit Services is a large credit repair company also located in Minnesota. They have a great blog with countless posts on credit repair and how it can impact you – as well as tips to build your credit going forward. They also have an education center that provides additional related information. Submit a request through their online form if you’d like to set up a consultation.


If you’re a resident of Minnesota, any of these credit repair companies can help you improve your credit score. Don’t wait before it’s too late – you never know when you may need a better credit score to get short term finance!