Mississippi is one of the South’s most famous states. Are you one of the various residents that makes Mississippi the unique place it is? If so, do you currently have items on your credit report that bring down your overall score? Credit repair companies can assist you in getting some of these items removed – don’t wait, you could be losing money due your credit score. The entire process is a completely legal way to improve your current standing. We’ve compiled a list of some of the state of Mississippi’s top credit repair companies so you don’t have to research them yourself!

Credit Repair Experts

Credit Repair Experts is a nation credit service with clients in Mississippi. They have expertise helping consumers just like yourself escape poor credit history. They also provide credit counselling to all of their clients. Schedule a free appointment with them via their website!

Credit Repair Company

Credit Repair Company is another large credit repair firm operating with clients in Mississippi. Not only do they work to eliminate issues on your credit report, they also have experience eliminating enquiries. You may not realize that enquiries on your report drastically impact your score – Credit Repair Company can help fix this quickly and easily!

USA Credit Repair

USA Credit Repair is one of the nation’s largest credit repair companies. They service individuals in almost all 50 states, including Mississippi! The focus on improving your reports with all three crediting agencies so you don’t have to! Check out their website for information on the different methods they use to remove items from your credit history. You can sign up directly through their website and begin the process today. They have over 10 years of experience in the industry!


Credit Repair Experts and Credit Repair Company are both local Mississippi companies with good reputations in the region. If you’re looking for a bigger service with more of an online presence, USA Credit Repair is a great option!