If you’re a resident of New Hampshire that has found it hard to advance your financial standing due to previous credit issues, credit repair companies may be able to help you. Credit Repair Companies are able to remove certain aspects of your credit history in order to give an instant boost to your score. It’s a great way to enhance your credit without waiting for items to naturally remove themselves. If you’re trying to save money on your next mortgage or loan, make sure to consult a credit repair company before applying for any type of financing. Here is a short list of some of the best credit repair companies in New Hampshire.

New England Credit Repair

New England Credit Repair is a small credit repair company in New Hampshire that works with customers in the region. They have a full list of testimonials on their website, with actual examples of types of items they helped remove from credit reports. Head to their page to check out if some of your credit history is applicable to their services.

Advantage Credit Repair

Advantage Credit Repair is another New Hampshire based credit repair service that has a client base throughout the state. They believe that around 80% of the reports they come into contact with have inaccuracies and can be fixed. Give them a call so they can determine whether or not their services can be of value to you.

Lexington Law

Lexington Law is one of the largest legal based credit repair services in the nation. They use local legislation to help remove aspects of your credit report from different credit reporting agencies. They also have a great blog about the industry if you’d like to find out more prior to signing up.


For those who want a local company to work with, both Advantage Credit Repair and New England Credit Repair are great options. Lexington Law is perfect for those who want a national legal partner.