Are you a resident in North Carolina that needs to improve your credit score? If so, contacting a credit repair company can drastically speed up the process of credit building. They can get certain aspects of your credit history removed instantaneously which can drastically improve your score. Don’t let your credit continue to reduce your chances of attaining finance, or increase the interest rates you are offered by banks. The quicker your contact a credit repair company, the sooner you can start building your future. Here is a list of some of the best credit repair companies in North Carolina.

A+ Financial Services

A+ Financial Services is a credit repair company in Raleigh, North Carolina. They also offer a range of other financial services for those who may want more than just credit repair. They aim to put 90 points back onto your score within 90 days of singing up for their services. This is a great local partner to have if you live in the area!

Galuszka, Primiano, & Simmons Law, PLLC

Galuszka, Primiano, & Simmons Law, PLLC is a North Carolina law firm that has expertise helping people remove items from their credit history. They’re a great choice for those who want the power of a large legal team behind their credit repair. They also speak Spanish, French, and Korean for those who need a bilingual provider.

Improve Credit Consulting Firm

Improve Credit Consulting Firm is one of the largest consulting firms in the North Carolina area. They help their clients repair their credit, as well as consult them on how to move forward in the most productive way possible. They’re located in Charlotte, North Carolina and love working with local clients.


North Carolina has three great local options for credit repair. All three of the services mentioned in this article have proven track records for helping clients better their current situation. Head to their websites for a free consultation.