North Dakota has seen its population increase in recent years due to the large amount of natural resources in the area. If you’re one of the many residents that make up North Carolina, you may find your credit history is holding you back. Contacting a credit repair company can help you drastically improve your standing with potential lenders. Credit repair companies can remove aspects of your credit history from your credit report – it’s a great way to speed up the credit building process. Here are some of the most successful credit repair companies operating in the North Dakota area.

Joe’s Credit Repair

Joe’s Credit Repair is a large national provider of credit repair services. They have a large client base in the region and have helped countless North Dakota clients improve their current credit standing. They have expertise in many niche credit problem areas – if you have a very specific credit problem they can help you!

Credit Repair Co.

Credit Repair Co. is a large national provider that has a large presence in North Dakota. They specialize in getting hard inquiries removed from your credit report. If you have applied for lots of finance over the past year, this may be negatively impacting your credit score. Let Credit Repair Co. work to remove these inquiries from your report!

Credit Repair Bismarck

Credit Repair Bismarck is a small local credit repair company located in Bismarck, North Dakota. They provide free credit counselling to all their clients. If you want a local partner to meet face-to-face with, Credit Repair Bismarck is one of your only options. They have a great reputation in the area – give them a call to arrange an appointment.


Because of North Dakota’s isolation there is only one major credit repair company that operates locally. For those who don’t mind using national providers, Credit Repair Co. and Joe’s Credit Repair have a large presence in the area.