Are you a resident of Ohio with previous credit problems? If so, you’re like millions of Americans – but don’t wait for items to remove themselves from your report. Credit repair companies can help speed up the process of credit building. You can have certain items removed from your credit history which can have an instant impact on your score. Many Americans have been able to improve their score drastically through the use of a credit repair service. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most reputable credit repair companies in the Ohio area.

Credit Repair Resources

Credit Repair Resources is a large credit repair company in Cleveland, Ohio that finds various ways to help you improve your credit score. They also have a very interesting e-book that you can download free of charge – it helps explain the process of credit repair and building. They aim to put their clients in the best possible credit position for the future.

Credit Smart Solutions

Credit Smart Solutions is another local credit repair company located in Cincinnati, Ohio. They are able to help customers regardless of the seriousness of the past financial problems – they have experience helping those who have recently declared bankruptcy. They also have a really great blog on their site that is free of charge. You can schedule an appointment with them directly online.

ASAP Credit Repair USA

ASAP Credit Repair USA is a large national provider with a client base in Ohio. They guarantee their clients can receive results within 38 days of signing up. They have a great track record from helping individuals from across the nation. You can find out more about their methods on their homepage.


Ohio residents have plenty of great options when it comes to credit repair. Credit Repair Resources and Credit Smart Solutions both have great reputations as on-hand local providers. ASAP Credit Repair USA has helped plenty of clients in the region over the past few years.