Are you one of the many residents in Oklahoma that has problems attaining finance because of your credit history? What you may not realize is that many aspects of your credit report can be removed from your history, resulting in an instantly improved credit score. Credit repair companies specialize in helping their clients remove as much negative reporting as possible. It’s a great way to instantly boost your score prior to applying for a mortgage or car loan. Here are some of Oklahoma’s best credit repair companies – make sure to check them out!

Credit Coach & Business Funding

Credit Coach & Business Funding is a small Oklahoma based credit repair company that also offers clients a range of other financial services. They aim to help their clients become fully financially literate in order to avoid potential credit problems in the future. They have a great video on their homepage that better explains the credit repair process.

Nero Credit Repair

Nero Credit Repair is a credit repair company with a special interest in Oklahoma. They have plenty of clients in the area that have been able to greatly increase their credit score. If you’re interested in Nero Credit Repair and what they can do for you, fill in one of their online forms to organize a consultation. They can meet face-to-face with clients in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Key Credit Repair

Key Credit Repair is a Texas based credit repair company that services clients in Oklahoma. They are registered with the Better Business Bureau. They work with all three major reporting agencies to improve your score, and they don’t charge their clients any start-up costs. They’re a great choice for those who want a partner with a long-term proven track record.


Oklahoma City has a great number of credit repair companies in close proximity. If you want to work with local partners that have experience in the area, any of the companies listed in this article are a perfect match! This being said, Key Credit Repair is the firm with the most experience.