Did you know that a lot of the negative items on your credit report can be removed completely legally? If you live in Oregon and you find it hard to get finance because of past credit problems, credit repair companies can help improve your credit score by removing aspects of your history. You’d be surprised about how much of your report can be amended to ensure that your score increases. It’s especially advantageous to do prior to applying for a mortgage, as it greatly reduces the interest rates that will be offered to you. Here is a comprehensive list of some of Oregon’s best credit repair companies.

Credit Team
Credit Team is a credit repair company with offices in Portland, Oregon. They work specifically with clients who are hoping to purchase a home in the near future. If you need to increase your credit score quickly in order to reduce the potential interest rates you may face from lenders, Credit Team is one of the best options in the area.

Consumer Credit Auditors

Consumer Credit Auditors is a credit repair company also located in Portland, Oregon. They work with clients of all backgrounds, regardless of the credit situation they may face. If you want additional information on the entire credit repair process, Consumer Credit Auditors have great resources on their site that are aimed at bringing you up to speed with the credit industry. Check out their site to get a free consultation!

The Credit People

The Credit People is a national credit service with a large presence in Oregon. They guarantee their clients they can get results within 60 days of starting the repair process. They have a great interactive interface so their clients can stay up-to-date on their credit repair journey. Check out their site to see how it all works!


Oregon has a few great local credit repair specialists – both Consumer Credit Auditors and Credit Team have great reputations in the area. The Credit People is perfect for those who want a great online interface to help with their credit repair journey.