Are you currently living in South Dakota? Do past credit problems negatively impact your ability to attain finance and move forward with your life? If so, credit repair companies in the area may be able to help relieve some of your financial stress. They can remove certain items from your credit history so you don’t have to wait for them to remove themselves. Join the millions of Americans who have taken back control of their credit history by contacting a credit repair specialist. Here are some of South Dakota’s most popular credit repair services.

Credit Expert

Credit Expert is a local South Dakota credit repair company that has a great reputation amongst clients in the area. They’re experienced at working with in-state clients to help improve their credit scores quickly. They don’t require a credit repair service fee if they are unable to remove credit issues from your report. They have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

RT Credit Repair

RT Credit Repair is another local South Dakota credit repair firm that has a large presence in the area. They use various legal means to help improve your credit rating. They also have an interesting blog on their website if you’re interested in finding out more about credit repair and how it works.

White Jacobs

White Jacobs is a national law firm that uses attorney driven solutions to remove aspects of your credit history. If you want to consult a lawyer regarding your credit history, this is one of the best options in the nation. They have plenty of experience working South Dakota based clientele. Don’t hesitate to contact them for a free assessment.


South Dakota has two great local providers in RT Credit Repair and Credit Expert. Credit Expert is probably the most well regarded in the region. White Jacobs is perfect for those who want a large national legal team behind their credit repair process.