Virginia is one of the oldest and most beautiful parts of our nation. If you’re one of the many residents that make up the region, and you’re finding it hard to move forward because of previous credit problems, consider contacting a credit repair specialist. Credit repair companies are able to fix your credit so you don’t remain tied down to your current score. They can remove past items from your report and instantly improve your standing. We’ve compiled a list of some of Virginia’s most reputable credit repair companies.

Credit Restoration Associates

Credit Restoration Associates is a credit repair company located in Richmond, Virginia. They’re well known for being leaders in the local industry. If you fill in their online form they will send you information regarding the process, as well as schedule a consultation to review your current credit position. They’re a great partner for those wanting a local company to work with!

CRE Credit Services

CRE Credit Services has an office in Virginia Beach, Virginia. They’ve been helping clients in the area improve their credit ratings for the past several years. They have a full list of testimonials on their site that you should check out to see what types of solutions they have been able to find clients. They work with all types of credit issues — don’t worry if you think your particular problem is niche.

Lexington Law

Lexington Law is the first national credit repair company on this list. They use the power of attorneys to help find the most practical and legal solutions to your credit problems. They’re a wonderful partner for someone who wants a legal team with expertise in the area. Get a free quote through their site!


There are two great local partners for Virginia residents to choose from. For those who want a larger partner, Lexington Law provides top-notch legal services to their client base.