Washington is home to some of the most beautiful scenery on the West Coast. Are you one of the residents fortunate enough to live in Washington state? If so, you may find that past credit problems have been hindering your ability to move forward. Credit repair companies can help you remove unwanted parts of your credit history so you can improve your score quickly. It’s especially advantageous if you’re thinking of applying for a loan or mortgage anytime in the near future. We’ve compiled a list of some of Washington’s most reputable credit repair companies – make sure to check them out!

Credit Restoration of Washington

Credit Restoration of Washington is a local credit repair company that has clients across the state of Washington. Aside from credit repair, they also offer clients debt consolidation and other financial tools to help alleviate financial stress. This is a great option for those looking for more than just a credit repair partner!

The Credit Guru

The Credit Guru is another credit repair service located in Washington state. They’re able to help clients with almost any credit background – have a look at their site to see all the types of credit problems they deal with. If you’d like a free consultation, simply fill out their online form, or give them a call on their hotline! is one of the largest credit repair groups in the nation. They work with a range of different clients in the Washington state region. If you want a large credit repair partner with experience helping individuals of all backgrounds, Credit Repair Services is one of the best options on the market. They work with all three reporting bodies to help you improve your credit score!


The Credit Guru and Credit Restoration of Washington are two great local credit repair providers. For those who are looking for a much larger partner, Credit Repair Services is able to help customers of almost any nature. They have a proven track record.