Are you a resident of West Virginia who has found it hard to move forward with your life because of past credit problems? It can take up to a decade for some items to be removed from your credit report naturally. But, credit repair companies can help expedite the process. They can remove certain items from your credit report which will give your credit score an instant boost. This way you don’t have to wait years to take advantage of lower interest rates and easier access to capital. Here is a list of some of West Virginia’s best credit repair companies.

Edit Your Credit

Edit Your Credit is a credit repair company with a presence in West Virginia. They claim to be able to get some clients up to 200 points added to their credit score. They offer a range of different packages, which is perfect for those looking for low-cost solutions to their current credit problems.

Joe’s Credit Repair

Joe’s Credit Repair is a large national credit repair company that provides clients with a range of different credit repair solutions. They’re well known for being able to deal with almost any type of issue on your credit report. If you feel like your problem is niche, Joe’s Credit Repair might be the best option for you!

Credit Repair Zoom

Credit Repair Zoom is another credit repair company with a presence in West Virginia. They focus on helping their clients improve their scores prior to applying for new mortgages or car loans. They aim to get you results quickly so you can apply without the stress of extortionate interest rates. You can call them for a free credit consultation.


West Virginia residents will largely have to choose from national providers when deciding on a credit repair partner. Luckily, the companies mentioned in this article have large presences in the region – they’re well experienced with clients in West Virginia.