Are you a resident of the great state of Wisconsin? If so, have you found that your credit score has unwanted items that drag it down and prevent you from having easy access to capital? Credit repair companies can help remedy this problem by deleting parts of your credit history. It’s a great way to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your credit score. You’d be surprised how many Americans have already benefited from contacting credit repair companies. We’ve compiled a list of Wisconsin’s most popular credit repair agencies.

Miller & Miller Law

Miller & Miller Law is a Wisconsin based law firm that has been helping individuals use legal frameworks to escape credit problems. They can help you reform your credit by removing specific items from your credit report. They’re also very experienced with helping individuals who have experienced major financial catastrophe, such as bankruptcy. Contact them if you have major credit issues that you’d like repaired.

The Credit Repair Shop

The Credit Repair Shop is a credit repair company with offices in Wisconsin. They’re accredited in the state and have all their services insured to provide maximum security for you. They have some great resources on their website, including a video that further explains the process. Head to their website to check out what they can do for you!

Credit Repair Co.

Credit Repair Co. is a large credit repair agency that has a presence in Wisconsin. The agency can help you remove any type of issue from your credit report, but they’re especially great at removing hard inquiries from your record. You’d be surprised how much of an impact hard inquiries have on your score, make sure to contact Credit Repair Co. if you’ve applied for lots of finance in the past!


Wisconsin has plenty of great options when it comes to credit repair. Credit Repair Co. is a great national provider with a particular expertise in removing inquiries. The Credit Repair Shop and Miller & Miller Law are great local partners that have plenty of experience in the region.