Do you live in Wyoming? Does your credit history drag your score because of past issues? It can take up to a decade for some aspects of your credit history to disappear. Instead of sitting around waiting, credit repair companies can help you remove unwanted items from your history. In doing so, your score can instantly be impacted. If you’re thinking of applying for a new car loan or mortgage, contacting a credit repair company first is one of the best decisions you can make. The higher your credit score, the lower your potential interest rates will be. We researched and compiled a list of some of the best credit repair companies servicing the Wyoming region!

White Jacobs

White Jacobs is a large, national legal firm that works with clients in Wyoming. They’re experts on the legal frameworks surrounding credit repair and have worked tirelessly to ensure the best possible customer service. If you want a strong legal team to help you with your credit repair, White Jacobs is one of the best options in the nation!

Rocky Mountain Credit Repair

Rocky Mountain Credit Repair is a local credit repair company located in Gillette, Wyoming. They’re experts at working with Wyoming residents to achieve better credit scores. They don’t have a large online presence, but you can call their hotline to discuss what types of services they can provide you.

Zinu Credit Repair

Zinu Credit Repair is another local credit repair company located in Wyoming. They partner with local clients to provide the best possible credit repair solutions. They work exclusively with individuals in the Wyoming region – you can be certain they understand local legislation and how to use it to improve your current standing.


Rocky Mountain Credit Repair and Zinu Credit Repair are both great local options, but they’re also very small in size. White Jacobs is perfect for those looking for a larger partner