Trinity Enterprises LLC offers the standard selection of credit repair services. They use disputes and verification requests to get credit reporting agencies to remove harmful and inaccurate statements from client’s credit reports, which raises their FICO scores and gets them better deals on things like home and car loans and credit card rates.


One of the best things they have going for them is that they help consumers figure out what to dispute on their credit report, including inaccurate or false information which might include things such as late or missed payments, liens, bankruptcies, judgements, and more. This lets consumers raise their credit score by removing false information, helping them qualify for better rates on loans and credit applications. These disputes are one of the most successful credit repair strategies.


Unfortunately, they do have some downsides, for example, they don’t offer the same kind of credit repair services that we expect from top rated credit repair companies. This includes things like education on how credit and credit scores work, and recommendations on further steps they can take to boost their score beyond the dispute process.

They also lost some points in our review because they also fail to give consumers information about the prices and different levels of service they offer. The result of this oversight is that consumers have to call to get more information, which takes up valuable time and opens consumers up to other marketing tactics so they might not be able to fairly evaluate if they’re getting the best deal or not.


Trinity Enterprises LLC are an average credit repair company. They have dispute options and can raise consumer’s FICO scores, but they don’t offer anything that sets them apart from the competition. If you’re considering credit repair services and live in the area, they might be a good option for you, otherwise you should consider looking elsewhere to get more bang for your buck.