Trinity Enterprises LLC is a credit repair firm that offers to help customers remove harmful and inaccurate information from their credit reports. Their site has a long list of the sort of items they can help delete, including repos, charge offs, late and missed payments, student loans, bankruptcy and more. As a result they are in strong contention to be one of the best credit repair companies we reviewed.


The first advantage they have is they have a lot of consumer education and tools on their website, including score calculators and other tools that consumers can use to understand the real cost of debt and other aspects of the credit, credit scoring, credit reporting, and credit repair process. These tools are not as common as you would think, and helps push them above the middle of the pack in the companies we looked at.

Trinity Enterprises LLC also impressed us in that they have a good amount of detail for what their service involves, and even include a checklist of information to have ready before consumers start the process. This lets consumers jump right in and dramatically speeds up the credit repair timeline. This is impotent, as many consumers need a score boost fast to make important purchases.

The final pro we’d like to highlight is that they have a website that is cleanly and clearly laid out. This may seem like a small thing but our research has told us that companies with easy to use websites generally get better marks for customer service and satisfaction. Those that have clunky, outdated, or poorly designed websites frequently have a greater number of customer issues and complaints.


Trinity Enterprises LLC does have some downsides, for example, we’d like to see more information about their pricing. The link that has pricing information is buried three levels deep in the site, and many consumers might overlook it. Additionally, they have three different packages, but don’t say what each package costs, but give a range of prices, from $450-850. This is more information that many companies offer, but we don’t understand why prices can’t be assigned to the different packages.

Trinity Enterprises LLC has another problem, namely that they use a pricing model that we don’t particularly care for, monthly fees. This doesn’t work as well for us as a pay-per-deletion model than other credit repair services offer because the customer has to pay but may not get any results for their money. Moreover, they don’t have any control over how long it takes credit reporting agencies to respond to disputes and verification requests, which could mean a surprisingly high bill for the consumer.

Trinity Enterprises LLC also gets bumped down a few rankings because they don’t do unlimited disputes, which can slow down the credit repair process for some customers, and may also increase the cost of their credit repair services due to the increased amount of time the resolution process will take. This can be helpful for some consumers, but for many the slowdown isn’t worth the marginal increase in the quality of each dispute.


Trinity Enterprises LLC is a good option for credit repair services for many customers. The tools they have on their site and the consumer education they provide, combined with the fact that their prices aren’t unreasonable helps push them into the top group of credit repair companies we looked at for these reviews.