True Credit Solutions creates customized plans of action that they follow through on in order to increase their customer’s credit scores. They dispute items that are bringing client’s credit scores down in order to get them removed. This can get their customers much more favorable options on credit and loan decisions, and save them thousands of dollars in interest rate payments.


We really like the fact that True Credit Solutions creates customized plans for each and every customer. This is superior to some other credit repair companies that rely on form letters and that treat every client with a one size fits all approach. These firms do have success, but we’ve found that customized plans generally produce better outcomes and result in better customer service because the company is forced to look at their clients as individuals.

Another thing that we liked about True Credit Solutions is the fact that they take care of all correspondence between you and the credit agencies you’re dealing with. You can forward them any communication you get from the agencies and let them decide the best way to respond. This means that you’ll be getting consistent expert help on your credit repair procedure, increasing the results and adding value to their services.


We’d like some more information about their pricing. Our research shows that the companies that have transparent and easy to understand pricing up front for customers to see generally have the best results and customer service. This doesn’t mean True Credit Solutions aren’t a good option, but it does take them down a bit in our results.


True Credit Solutions are a middle of the road option for consumers looking for credit repair services. They offer customized plans which sets them apart from the pack a bit, but they don’t do enough to truly distinguish themselves from the competition.