USA Credit Repair operate in Kentucky and work on repairing their client’s credit scores. They claim that they can boost your credit score and assist with debt within six months, and that they have a successful track record of helping their clients.


The first positive aspect of the company we found was that they offer lots of helpful information for consumers regarding credit, credit repair, credit reporting, good credit practices, and more. Our research indicates that companies with more consumer information generally do a better job at helping consumers stay out of credit trouble. Moreover, a greater focus on consumer indication generally means that the company is at least as interested in helping the consumer as they are in making a profit, and important aspect for credit repair companies.


The company isn’t perfect. The first issue we have is they don’t have a clear description of their rates and fees on their website. This forces customers to reach out for more information, which is a sales tactic. The result is that consumers may lose valuable time in meetings or on the phone only to find out that they do not like or want the services the company has to offer. This lack of transparency also corresponds to lower customer satisfaction ratings and costs the company points in our review.

They also lost some points in our review because their website is outdated and lacks the ease of use that we expect from a modern, professional company. In the modern age web development has design has never been easier, so there’s no excuse for a poorly thought out or organized website. As a result, the poor quality of the website raises important questions as to the company’s dedication to their customers and the professionalism of their services.

they lack a detailed list of the different services that they offer consumers to fix their credit. As a result customers may find themselves sitting through a meeting or a phone call to find out that the company can’t offer them something that the consumer hasn’t already tried. This can be frustrating for consumers. Moreover, because there are so many different approaches to credit repair, knowing the process and services the company offers helps consumers determine how good of a fit it is for them.


USA Credit Repair isn’t a company we can recommend for credit repair services. They don’t offer any pricing information, nor do they explain exactly what services they’ll provide. Their site is full of grammatical and spelling mistakes and doesn’t convey any sense of professionalism.