Velocity Credit Repair is a credit repair company that focuses on using disputes and other tactics to remove inaccurate and harmful information from their customer’s credit reports.


The first positive aspect of the company we found was that they offer a refund for customers who aren’t happy with their services, or who don’t receive any benefit from their services. This gets them points in our review because it shows that they are dedicated to helping their clients and stand by the quality of their services.

Velocity Credit Repair also gained points in our review because their website is very straight-forward. It consists of a signup form and basic information about the company, so there’s no clicking different links trying to find information. Many other companies have information buried in random places on their page or hidden in an FAQ section, and that’s certainly not something we can accuse

Unfortunately, the pros stop here, their website is so straight-forward and easy to use because there is almost no information on It besides sales copy. They mention their 100% back warranty several times, but there are no terms or conditions listed, and the information that is there makes us think that the company doesn’t take any action for their clients, instead giving consumers information that they can use to help them in the dispute process.


Velocity Credit Repair has plenty of issues to discuss. They also don’t have any pricing information on their website. This is a serious issue, especially considering we don’t know anything about what kind of services they offer. The result is that customers may be paying for information that is freely and readily available online, both from consumer advocacy groups and the better credit repair companies we reviewed.

Velocity Credit Repair also lost some points in our review because there’s no description of their services. We don’t know if they use disputes, credit verification, goodwill letters, or if they take any action on behalf of customers at all. This makes us very suspicious of their services, and raises serious red flags for us.

Velocity Credit Repair also suffers because the only way to get information is to call or fill out a form on their website. This is a manipulative sales tactic the way that Velocity uses it, as they know that customers are more likely to sign up for a service if they are already speaking with a representative. The result is that we can’t recommend using them.


Velocity Credit Repair is one of the worst credit repair companies we reviewed. At best they are unprofessional and have a complete lack of transparency, at worst they are a scam selling free information, stay away.