Veracity Credit Consultants are a credit repair company based in Denver, CO. They offer two different packages to help consumers improve their credit score, and provide education, monitoring services, and dispute assistance to help consumers remove negative information like late payments, missed payments, tax liens, charge offs, bankruptcy, or identity theft.


Veracity has two different packages to help consumers repair their credit. The first starts at $49 per month and includes unlimited investigation of items, as well as dispute assistance, an online account, and credit report management tips. Veracity has some of the best education offerings out of the companies we reviewed, and our research indicates that educational materials are generally associated with a higher success rate, and higher customer satisfaction. Educational materials make it easier for consumers to understand the credit repair process, and gives them the tools they need to get their credit repair service the information that will help disputes and challenges be successful.

Veracity Credit Consults has decent over the phone customer service and we were able to locate reviews stating that the phone operators are helpful and knowledgeable about both credit in general, and the company’s services. Customers can cancel their contract with Veracity at any time with no penalty.


One of the biggest issues we have with Veracity is their fees. There is a $69-$89 startup fee, which is higher than the industry average, and the service costs between $49-$79 per month depending on what kind of service the customer is using. Veracity will dispute 6-8 items per month for their clients, which is a contrast to many monthly fee model companies that will file an unlimited number of disputes for their client.

Another thing that sets Veracity apart from its competition in a negative way is that they don’t offer any kind of money-back guarantee for their customers. This means that customers may find themselves paying for services that don’t produce any results. This takes them down a few points in our review process.

Veracity also isn’t responsive to email inquiries. Several reviews and customer complaints said that they could not get a response to email questions from Veracity until they called and pointed out the email. This speaks poorly for their customer service capacity.


Veracity is in the middle of the pack for credit repair services. They have some good consumer education, but don’t have the pricing or programs we expect to rank them among the best.