Yellow Credit USA is a credit repair services company that opened in 2010. They are based in Tampa, FL, and offer a mix of services to help consumers enhance their credit score. They use an advance fee model for pricing, and allow unlimited disputes at no additional charge.


Yellow Credit USA has a very transparent pricing model. While we don’t like the monthly fee payment system for credit repair as much as we prefer the pay-per-deletion model, Yellow Credit USA has the best version of the monthly fee model. They charge $149 for an initial consultation, and then have a 12 month, 6 month, and month-to-month offers, which provides the flexibility to adopt to numerous situations customers might find themselves in. Yellow Credit allows unlimited disputes while you are paying for their services, which is a reason why they might be a good option for some customers, such as those who have a large list of items on their reports to dispute which will likely be successful. For these consumers, a month to month contract makes sense, because they can take advantage of the unlimited disputes and then end their payments to Yellow Credit when they have achieved their objectives.

Yellow Credit has many licenses and certifications, and can work in all 50 states. Their FAQ section is well-stocked with answers about general credit, credit score, and credit reporting issues. This information provides consumers with the basic knowledge they’ll need to interpret their credit reports as well as understand the credit repair process.


Yellow Credit doesn’t have very extensive information about the services they provide. All the information they offer is very general, with words like dispute and recover, but they don’t articulate any reason why their approach to the dispute process is better than that of other companies, or why their approach is one that is likely to work. There’s no information regarding things like goodwill letters or other steps that consumers can take to improve their credit score, and the process that Yellow Credit USA uses isn’t very clearly defined.

Additionally, consumers should be careful about which contract that sign for Yellow Credit USA. Customers whose problems will be easy to fix should stay away from a 12 month agreement, and most consumers will want to cap out at 6 months.


Yellow Credit is among the best options for credit repair services that we looked at. They use the best version of the monthly fee pricing system, offer month to month contracts, and have a track record of success.