30 Day Credit Repair is a credit repair service based in California but licensed to operate nationwide. Despite having a rather ugly website, they offer good information for customers, but suffer from some other issues.


One of the best things about 30 Day Credit Repair is the detailed explanations and information they offer on their website. They have one of the most through descriptions of the steps they’ll take to help customers improve their credit out of all of the companies we reviewed. As a result, consumers will know what they should expect from 30 Day Credit Repair’s services. In addition to information about their services, 30 Day Credit Repair also has a great deal of information for customers about credit, credit reporting, and credit repair in general. Our research has found that a great deal of consumer information usually coincides with better customer service and satisfaction.


There are some issues with 30 Day Credit Repair. They have a number of negative reviews online from customers who claim that their credit wasn’t improved after 30 Day Credit Repair took money for their services. Furthermore, 30 Day Credit Repair uses the “as low as” and “starting at” trick in order to hide the fact that they don’t offer any real information about their rates or fees. Customers have reported paying varying amounts of money, so we can’t really get a read on what their actual rates are. We also couldn’t locate any information regarding the pricing model that 30 Day Credit Repair uses. They seem to use an advanced fee model based on consumer reviews, but there’s no way to verify that. We don’t particularly care for the advanced fee system for credit repair, and recommend a pay-per-deletion service. This means that you’ll only have to pay money when you actually see a result. This can save consumers valuable time and money by preventing the haggle over refunds or money-back promises.

Another thing to be suspicious of for 30 Day Credit Repair is their claim that they can help improve your credit in 30 days. This is because most credit report improvements result from filing successful disputes or settlements with the credit reporting agencies. Once the claim has been filed, there is no way to influence the speed and which the reporting agency evaluates the claim, and this process can take more than 30 days.


Look elsewhere for credit repair services. The combination of bad reviews, lack of transparency, and suspicious claims keep us from recommending 30 Day Credit Repair.