Apex Credit Repair is a credit repair company based in Canoga Park, CA. They use various methods to improve consumer’s credit scores by removing negative or inaccurate information, such as late or missed payments, judgements, tax liens, bankruptcy, and identity theft issues.


Apex claims an incredibly high success rate of 97%. While we can’t verify this claim, it is a bold one and it warrants attention. If they are able to maintain a 97% success rate then they are one of the better credit repair firms around, as most credit repair companies operate somewhere in the mid 80% in terms of success stories.

Another useful service that Apex provides is to negotiate on behalf of their clients for any outstanding debts that the client might have. The result of this can be lower payments and a lower total cost for their customers, saving them money and helping them get their credit record back on track.


The biggest issue with Apex Credit Repair is that they don’t have any information on their website relating to their services or their pricing. That means we don’t know what steps Apex Credit Repair will take for their customers, and can’t evaluate the efficacy of those steps. Moreover, there isn’t any way to evaluate Apex’s 97% success claim. There aren’t any pictures of altered credit reports showing deletions available on their site, and the name Apex is shared by a credit collections agency in the UK, which makes verifying positive or negative reviews on the company challenging to say the least.

The lack of clear information on pricing also works to keep Apex Credit Repair out of our top companies. We can’t verify if they use a pay-per-deletion or monthly fee model, nor can we assess whether the prices they are charging are competitive within the industry. As a result, we cannot confidently say that Apex provides good value for money.

Finally, Apex lacks consumer information materials. This means that consumers will have to rely on Apex or other third party sites for information about the laws, regulations, and advisory decisions that govern the world of credit, credit reporting, and credit repair. Companies that provide more educational materials are associated with a higher success rate as well as better customer service and satisfaction.


Apex Credit Repair isn’t one of the best credit repair companies we looked at. Consumers should prefer companies that have clear pricing and a description of the services they provide.