Bakersfield Credit Repair was founded in 2013 and operates out of Bakersfield, CA. They are a credit repair service that offers to help consumers fix their credit reports if they have inaccurate statements, false information, or negative comments that result from bankruptcy, late or missed payments, tax liens, or a stolen identity.


Bakersfield Credit Repair ha some of the lowest advanced-fee prices we’ve seen out of the credit repair companies we reviewed. Their service starts at $99, and costs $69 per month after that. This means that for some customers they can be a money saving option, especially if you only need a little bit of help or have issues that will be resolved quickly. They have a three step process for credit repair detailed on their site, which starts with a free consultation, a review of your credit report, and then goes to taking action to dispute items on the report. They will also answer any questions that you might have and help you set up a path to achieve your long-term credit goals.


There are a number of issues we had with Bakersfield Credit Repair. They have one of the sparsest websites we looked at. It consists of a single page that offers no more than 30 words on the different subjects it covers. This leads to a number of issues, the biggest of which is transparency. For example, one of the claims we took issue with was that their service is “as little as” $69 per month after the first payment. There was no information about what the conditions were to qualify for this preferred rate, nor was there any indication about what the max rate was. This means that consumers might wind up paying substantially more than they would with another credit reporting service.

Bakersfield Credit Repair also works on the advance fee model that we’re not fans of. This means consumers will be paying a monthly fee while the credit agencies are reviewing disputes. As a result, you’re paying Bakersfield Credit Repair to wait for a response, which is not the way we prefer to do business. Additionally, there was no description of the expected timeframe, nor was there any kind of statement regarding the exact steps that Bakersfield Credit Repair will take on behalf of its clients.


Customers should probably look somewhere else for their credit repair needs. Bakersfield doesn’t offer the information we need to recommend them as one of our best credit repair services.