This is a company that really knows how to pitch their services. The directness and powerful claims made about their credentials and their aggressive tactics create an expectation that they will hound the credit report agencies, the collection agencies and the original creditors until you have a clean slate. Of course this assumes that the items on your credit report are somehow not appropriately placed there. On Point Credit Repair claims to have a conglomeration of talented professionals – lawyers, accountants, and former loan officers who work together to stay abreast of the most recent tactics and legal avenues to clearing your credit report and raising your credit score.

The Bottom Line

On Point Credit is a very service and expertise-oriented firm, so they present themselves as doing the lion’s share of the work in this process. They place huge emphasis on the individual dispute letters that are NOT form letters but specifically tailored to your credit situation by lawyers. Although there is little to measure their success by except through their posted testimonials, On Point Credit claims that they only charge one flat fee for all the items removed, regardless of the number. They claim to continue to pursue a clean credit report until you say stop and will continue to try to finagle ways to convince creditors or credit bureaus to remove the offending item.

A High End Level of Service

Choosing a credit repair service requires an initial understanding of your credit goals. If the reason you are seeking credit repair is to clean your reports to apply for a large loan or to make a large purchase, tailoring your choice of company to your end goal can be very useful. If your credit problems are numerous and long standing you might want to engage a more proactive type of company that will make sure to thoroughly pursue your claims throughout the credit arena